How to replace a car Battery

removing a car battery is not a much difficult task to do, that don’t want things like car battery connection diagrams. as a vehicle owner good to know how to disconnect the car battery and reconnect new car battery at home. in this article, we talk about step by step how to replace a car battery and safety guides we should follow

Working with car batteries or on electrical system parts in the car can be dangerous.
Batteries contain sulfuric acid, a powerful corrosive. When batteries charge, batteries release hydrogen gas, which is explosive.

Metal tools and objects can conduct electricity and cause a short circuit or accidental ground that results in sparks and extreme heat.

Always perform your car battery or electrical system work in accordance with the instructions printed in your car manufacturer’s repair manual.

guide to safe practices when you work with batteries

  • always remember to wear safety glasses Battery explosions can splatter sulfuric acid into the eyes. and wear gloves, when working with your car or truck battery.
  • before you start work remove all watches, rings, neck or ankle chains, and other jewelry from your body.
  • Metal items can conduct electricity and cause a short circuit, burns, sparks, and possible to make battery explosions.
  • Remember to Keep sparks, flames, and other ignition sources away from the car battery
  • flames, Sparks, or smoking materials can ignite hydrogen gas produced by the car battery and cause an explosion.
  • as soon as you finished the job wash your hands and clothes

you will need a memory saver, to change your car battery without losing any settings. if you changed the battery without connecting a memory saver, your car will have problems with shifting and many other problems, and will not run well. your radio code also will lose, and radio will not work

locate the battery

usually, batteries are located in the front of the engine compartment. if you hard to find, you can check your owner’s manual to easily locate the battery.

unhook the ground cable and then the positive cable

makes sure you wearing safety glasses and gloves.

unhook the ground cable always can identify the ground easily, usually, it is black in color and marked with a minus sign (-). after unhooking the ground cable unhook the positive cable. you can identify that in red color, and marked a plus sign (+)

remove mounting brackets

disconnect and remove any battery mounting bracket or hardware. which may be attached at the bottom. as in the picture, or may run across the top of the battery.

remove battery mounting brackets

most batteries have a hold-down bracket to keep them in place. after removing this don’t forget to reinstall it back after the battery change.

remove the battery

the battery is very heavy you may need help to remove it. lift the battery-free keeping it in level to avoid the possibility of spilling acid.
keep the top terminal capped, to avoid a taking risk that a metal tool or a part contact across them and create a fire hazard.

clean the battery compartment and the cables

if there any dirt in the battery tray area wipe them with a paper towel.
battery cables can corrode over time. by using a wire brush clean the corrosion from the battery cable

lean the battery compartment and the cables
cleaning the corrosion from the battery cable

get ready the new battery

to prevent oxidation on the terminals, apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to terminals and bolts.

install the new battery

now it’s time to install the new battery. this is different than the way of removing the old battery. it is the reverse of removing the old car battery.
don’t forget to replace the hold-down bracket. first, install the positive cable then install the ground cable.

How to replace a car Battery
replace a car battery

Now you know the way How to replace a car battery, don’t forget to recycle your old car battery. old batteries contain toxic elements. give it to a battery retailer, most retailers will also accept old batteries for recycling.

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