Low Brake fluid signs

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You can see one or more these signs when your car brake fluid gets low

  • ABS light comes on
  • Brake pedal issues
  • Issues with brake pads
  • Noises come when braking

ABS light gets on

This is the first and common way to identify your car brake fluid level is low. ABS (Antilock Brake System) light gets on when the car needs to refill brake fluid or add more brake fluid

Brake pedal issues

If you feel a bit hard to push brake pedal than usually. it may because of your car brake fluid level is low

Issues with brake pads

because of low brake fluid level, brake pads may not work properly as they need to work. you may feel braking issues with that.

Noises come when braking

This is a symptom some people don’t get serious. in case of not maintain the proper brake fluid level, noises can come when braking.


Be careful when working with brake fluid. Should avoid contact brake fluid with your skin or eyes.

Brake fluids are highly corrosive and can be damage to your car paint and other coatings

now you know Low Brake fluid signs, To extra knowledge

There are three main types of brake fluids now available in the market. They are DOT3, DOT4, and DOT5

Most brake fluids we use today are glycol-based fluids (DOT3 and DOT4) but DOT5 brake fluid is silicon-based.

The main difference between these two kinds is DOT3 and DOT4 absorb water but DOT5 does not.

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