Why Car won’t go in reverse

Why Car won't go in reverse

The transmission system is a very important system in any vehicle. and its also more costly to repair. any issue with the transmission system is not good to ignore.
shifting problems makes driving difficult. if your car is unable to go into reverse, it might be causing internal damage.
when your car won’t go into reverse you will have to call a tow truck and take your car to an auto repair center, or you have to call a mechanic. but before that, there are some ways to try to troubleshoot your problem at home by your self.
in this article, we talk about some that will cause a car won’t go in reverse, and some ways to fix it your self at home before take it to a technician for service.

Faulty transmission switch (Automatic)

the first thing to look at your car is the transmission selector switch. cars have installed onboard computers. it controls various car systems functions and parts, like the engine and transmission system.
if the switch is not working properly then the computer in the car won’t receive the signal that says car need to go in reverse.
work over the time switch gets corrosion. for fix it quick, try to put the car from park into reverse several times very quickly and repeat and repeat it several times. this action can dislodge any rust or corrosion in the system.
by that computer can be read the signals correctly. if your problem doesn’t get slove by doing this then you have to call a technician.

Low transmission fluid (Manual or Automatic)

with a low amount of transmission fluid in your vehicle, you could have issues when reversing the vehicle.
low transmission fluid can cause many kinds of shifting problems, problems with gears like gear slippage and gears will get overheated.
if your transmission system doesn’t have enough fluid in it to lubricate the system and cool down components and internal gears. your reverse gears may get overheated.
if the transmission fluid is low you have to look is there any signs of a transmission fluid leak.
it doesn’t cost much money to refill the transmission fluid. this can be the solution to your problem. it won’t be a waste to try it before you call a mechanic.

Fault in the clutch (Manual)

if you drive a manual transmission car, pump the clutch a few times. while shifting in to reverse you try to partially release the clutch.
if it doesn’t work, switch off the engine and then shift into first and then into neutral. try to shift into the reverse now. if your car shifts into the reverse when the engine turned off, then the problem is the clutch, not the transmission.
the clutch is easy to fix than a troubled transmission, but to do that you have to take your car to a mechanic

Dirty transmission fluid and filter (Manual or Automatic)

hardened particles can become stuck in the discs and it will prevent the shifting into the reverse. in times like that, you have to replace the transmission fluid and the filter.
to change the fluid and the filer does not cost much money. doing this will be the solution to your problem.
try to find draining bolt under the transmission pan. using a funnel pour the fluid to eliminate mess, and refill the neck where you can find the dipstick. take out the filter and replace it with a new one.
if this doesn’t fix the problem there may be other internal damage. but even it didn’t fix the reverse gear issue in the car, it will not be wasted work.

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